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Home Based Business Options for Moms

Author: Bizymoms.com Management

Why start a home based business?

It is the dream of many moms to start a home based business. Reasons are many but usually it is because you want to:

· Spend more time with family & kids
· Save on exp. Otherwise spent on commuting, office attire etc.
· Be your own boss

If you’re doing a regular 9-5 job you wouldn’t be able to spend much time with your kids as you like. You will also be stressed out after coming back from your office. It is in such a mood that you attend to the house work and as such your focus will be shifted away from the actual tasks itself. Also there is very limited time to attend to your kids under such a situation. You’re caught in the rat race of life.

· You want more quality time to spend with your kids.
· Set your own (flexible) working hours
· While also making a contribution to your family’s income.

Then starting a home-based business is the best thing for you!


Licensed Day Care Center Operator

Just one thing before you start this kind of business. You have to comply with the local day care licensing home business regulations. Provided that you do and it’s a field where you have had some experience or were planning to get into this may just be the right home-based business opportunity for you.

Become a Distributor

Many national companies offer distributor or affiliate programs. For a reasonably small fee, the company provides you with the marketing tools you need to sell their products to others. Many moms just like you have found business success through companies like Avon, Tupperware, Watkins and other distributors, direct selling companies.

Pet services Business

There is a growing demand for pet services from pet sitting, doggy day care (while owners are on vacation) pet grooming, dog walking to almost any kind of pet services.

Selling Homemade Baked Goods

If cooking is your forte selling your own homemade baked goods is the right thing for you. Yummy! You may also want to consider offering your services as a personal chef. You will be interested to know about the story of Giada De Laurentiis of Food Network before she became a TV hit.

Image Consultant

This kind of business is suitable for those having a feel for balance, color and psychological impact along with a strong desire to help others achieve a positive image with their targeted audience.

Independent Wine Consultant

If you enjoy being amongst people and are the sociable type then being an independent wine consultant is the vintage home-based business opportunity for you.

Online home business

Last but not least you can start an online (internet based) business. This is fast becoming a very popular means of business and there are a great number of opportunities available in this field. You could start earning through selling goods on e-bay, by affiliate marketing, writing etc. in most cases this could act as a kind of supplementary venture in addition to your primary business as having an online presence or website is almost essential irrespective of what kind of business you undertake.

It’s really simple to start a home business and what you need most is the determination and motivation to succeed. These two factors play an important role and as long as you have plenty of these you are sure to succeed.

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