Wednesday, June 11, 2008

10 Work At Home Jobs You Can Do

By Kenneth Shorey

With more and more companies trying to cut costs, the number of people turning to home based jobs is also increasing. Search on the Internet for home jobs and you will be rewarded with ample information and links to various websites, citing about the various advantages of making money online. Most of these sites would require you to pay a small fee, while some don't. Either way, working from home has been increasingly popular. Sick of searching for the right kind of job? Here, we have 10 work at home jobs you can do, especially recommended for all stay home moms or those who are just in need of extra cash.

Book keeping is a legitimate Work at home job that is gaining popularity recently. Small companies are finding it increasingly more economical to outsource their bookkeeping needs to contractors.

The most common ones would be data entry jobs. These jobs would require you to process data into a program. You will be required to enter information into a database. It seems pretty easy to go about doing it, but this job would require some level of precision and speed.

It seems almost impossible to get yourself hired for the purpose of shopping. But nowadays, Mystery shopping is another popular option in the list of legitimate work from home jobs. These mystery shoppers would visit businesses, acting as ordinary customers and then provide detailed evaluations of their experience in report form.

Billing is also one of the popular jobs available over the Web. It has quite a broad scope, comprising of hospital collection clerks, and medical billing clerks for example.

They also offer Internet research as legitimate work at home. You just need to do simple research assignments. For instance, your task would require you to visit a particular website and collate info that is relevant to the given assignment.

At-home telemarketing jobs are best suited for those who feel at ease speaking to customers and selling goods and services over the phone. Some companies might only be hiring employees that have telemarketing or sales experience, but some are willing to train the right people.

As for work-from-home customer service position, it will require some prior customer service experience. You will be required to answer customer questions, take note of reservations, etc. As such, it is necessary that you have excellent data entry and typing skills.

Typing jobs are also popular. You are sometimes required to type out articles that are to be posted on a web page or blogs. This job is definitely recommended for stay home moms. You have enough time to write nice stories and poems to be published over the Internet.

Online surveys. This job would require you to fill in survey forms. Fast and easy. The more you fill, the more money you will get. If you recommend it to your friend, your income will double. Depending on which website you sign up with.

Lastly, there are also tutor coordinators that allow you to match tutors and tutee, at the comfort of you own home.

There are loads more options for you to choose from. This list is definitely not exhaustive. Try looking for a job that suits your interest the most and you will find working it a breeze.

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