Friday, June 20, 2008

Home Based Business - Be a Personal Trainer and make money online

By Yasir wazir

Employ yourself, be your own boss. Do something that you really like. Work at the comforts of your own home. Have more time for your family or do more work as you convert wasted time used in traveling from work to home and vice versa. Among the popular home based business today is becoming a personal trainer.

A personal trainer is a professional who teaches people about physical fitness. Assess individual’s training needs. Design an exercise program to meet these needs. Recommend a diet that is best suited for the individual. Trains people with muscular dysfunction, trains to improve strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility. The trainer ensures that clients executes the movements and exercises properly and safely, monitors the client’s progress and implement changes accordingly.

Obviously, people expect personal trainers to look in shape. Trainers should walk the talk, their image and lifestyle should reflect what they teach. They themselves are the advertisement for their business. This would give them the credibility necessary for clients to trust them. Personal trainers are teachers passing on instructions and knowledge in an understandable manner. One problem with people starting fitness programs is that their interests gradually decline throughout the program. Especially true, if they have pressing schedules or the program gets too challenging for them. Thus, the trainer should be a good motivator, be ready to inspire the client until they reach their fitness goals. Get updated with the latest in fitness and diet. Attend related seminars and training. Read fitness books or surf the net.

To start your home based business, choose a place in your house, which you could turn into an exercise studio. Invest in basic fitness equipment like, free weights, treadmills, exercise balls, and resistance bands. Additional equipment can be acquired one at a time dependent on the needs of the clients. Get certification, there are associations out there providing such and continuing education credits. After certification and setting up your own studio, now you are ready for that first client. Offer your services to acquaintances and friends. If they are satisfied with your services, ask for referrals. Better yet, ask for writing like a testimony, very useful in advertising your services. Get creative with marketing. Give discounts for clients with referrals. Put up a fitness program for corporate people meet up with human resources department of organizations.

As a personal trainer, you must also be skilled in first aid and CPR. Training places undue stress on the client that may cause harm. It is best to be prepared for unlikely but possible events such as ankle sprains or other injuries sustained when falling off balance. Safety is a paramount concern when conducting fitness training.

If you are a fitness enthusiast and you like teaching other people. This maybe the appropriate home based business for you. Transforming out of shape, obese clients to fit individuals is a source of joy and fulfillment not only for the client but also for the personal trainer himself.

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